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Xpeedin Surf began with the creation and customization of surfboards in 1977 and since then many people have trusted us with the board of their dreams.


In the photo- Zalo Campa, founder of Xpeedin Surf shaping an Xpeedin Surfboards, 70’s.

Our boards have been a reference during the last decades, with the manufacture of all kinds of boards, made to measure, personalized, customized… Boards made with love, quality and best of all, at very good prices.

In addition, you will have the best advice, from surfers who have extensive experience and professionalism.

Shall we shape your new rocket?

Write us without obligation to info@xpeedinsurfschool.com or call us at (+34) 699063930 and we will start to shape your new board.

Imagine what you want and we will make you your next jewel.

At Xpeedin Surf we have experience since 1977 and we give surf lessons for all ages and levels. We teach surfing in a fun and safe way, in very small ratios, to guarantee the maximum quality of our classes.

Our surf school has the support of Rip Curl and is located within the official schools of the municipality of Ribamontán al Mar. We have qualified and experienced instructors and a proven methodology for many years, so that you can enjoy your surf lessons from the start. first day.

More than 45 years in the world of surfing support us. Xpeedin surf is surfing and since its beginnings in 1977, on the beach of Somo, Cantabria, countless surfers have gone through the school, whom we have advised and helped.

We are located on Somo beach, Cantabria, one of the meccas for surfing in Spain and which has become the first surf reserve in Spain. Located on the beachfront, we have the best material, and a great team that loves teaching and surfing.

Official School Rip Curl



 Talking about Xpeedin is talking about the history of surfing in Spain. Founded in 1977 by two of the best surfers our land has produced, Zalo Campa and Laura Revuelta, its journey began with a small board workshop in the mythical Casa Lola de Loredo y la Gerónimo, in San Sebastián… until At the end of the 70’s they opened a pioneer shop in Spain, the first surf shop in Cantabria, which would help the surfing progression of many generations of surfers, of which Nacho Garcia, current director, belongs, who maintains its essence, legacy and living spirit.

“When I see the children enter the store and I see their brightness when they see the photos, or when their parents roll up and buy them a board or a suit, they remind me of me when I was little. For us Xpeedin is something spiritual, it is about where we have been raised and cultivated as surfers, within a small town, where our heart is, a magical place, which contains within it, much of the history of surfing in this land. I never thought as a child that I would end up running the shop that enriched my dreams and my surfing illusions as a child, but now that the dream is a reality, I feel privileged, because it allows me to lead the life that I always sought to have, work near the beach, to be able to surf and have time for me, my family and my surfing”

The word of mouth about Xpeedin little by little meant consolidating itself into something much bigger than a mere surf shop and surfers from all over Spain came to buy their boards. It was the epicenter of surfing in the area, an obligatory step to the beach, a kind of cultural center, with its club, its meetings, a good place to spend the afternoon reading magazines, imagining surftrips, watching videos, or in good company. This is how its history was written, that of people like you who perhaps bought your 1st board, paipo, neoprene or bikini… you played on the Skate ramp, or participated in its legendary championships… and now you come with your children. Maybe you met the girl of your dreams in Xpeedin, you were part of her Surf Team or Club, or you were sponsored… so many good stories that we have shared together.

If Xpeedin is more than just a surf shop. From Xpeedin we have always thought that a surf shop is a space where you are a surfer or not, when you visit us, you feel comfortable and you do not feel obligated to buy but just to know a little more about the essence of surfing.

Inside you will find everything related to the world of surfing, the best brands and you will have personalized advice. We have spent a lifetime committed to surfing. Surf shop and surf school, from surfers for surfers like you, who love surfing, know about surfing and respect the surf culture, in which their lives revolve.

From those mythical Xpeedin championships and from those children that Xpeedin saw born… the generational change arrived, but make no mistake… The essence is still alive.

Now you know a little more about our history. Xpeedin is not a store… it is SURFING. Welcome to Xpeedin Surf.